POD MX Vs. Asterisk

Hey guys,

I'm getting back into racing MX and I just recently bought a pair of POD MX kneee braces (The guy at the store just raved about them). I have yet to wear them, but does anyone else have experience with them? They kind of look like a mini CTI brace.

I was thinking of switching to the Asterisk knee brace with the advant of the "tether," and it attaching to your boot for a stiffer feel. Thanks in advance.... :confused::excuseme:

hey man i got the pod knee braces about 2 months ago im not a fan of them. the straps get court on my pants. also wen i finished riding 2day i looked and they have cracked the carbon fiber i haven't even crashed heavy on them. hope you have better luck than i did

I had the Asterisk for over 5 years and they rock. I crashed hard on them more than once and never had a problem. They saved my knees several times for sure. They cost 1/4 of the CTI and are very robust. I recommend them.

why does mxa say the pod is the best?

why does mxa say the pod is the best?

Probably because Fox picked up the tab for a track day and gave the writer a free pair. :confused:

I bought Asterisk Cells last year and they are awesome. I love the way they feel and the fit and finish is outstanding. I personally don't use the boot tether, but to each his own.

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