Removal of rear shock

Do i need to compress the spring to remove rear shock? This is my first time doing this. Any advise would be helpful.

I never compressed mine, I think thats just for high rated springs, but im not sure. Just changed my KX450f's spring from a 5.4 to a 5.0. All I did was removed my seat, and my exhaust, took out the two subframe bolts connecting to the frame and got a bungee cord to hold my subframe to my tank. I forgot to loosen up the top ring before I took off my whole rear shock so I could remove the shock spring easier, but I just took off the whole shock absorber and took it to my room. Got a hammer and a large screw driver and loosened up the top ring. Started punching away to loosen then spring until I figured out I could just twist the spring loose until I coud take the whole spring off. Wasnt hard at all, and didnt take much time either. Look for a parts manual online for your bike, or search the TT forums for a better explanation because im not too good at explaining. Good luck man

what bike?


No, you don't need to compress the spring to remove the shock. I'm not sure why you want to remove it but if you plan on servicing the shock has a DVD that shows you how to remove, service and replace the shock. It also shows you how to set the sag.

good luck

If you have the bike on a stand, the shock will be pretty much fully extended and you should be able to take it on/off without doing anything to the spring. As long as the wheel is hanging free you should be good to go.

thanks for the help...

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