WR exhaust on YZ250F

I am looking for a way to get my 2005 YZ250F legal for areas that require a spark arrestor.

So far the cheapest/easiest way to do that seems to be putting a WR exhaust on it.

Will I need to rejet for this change? I know the WR pipe is more restrictive, but how much more?

I found a 2006 WR pipe on eBay.

Just get a insert for the exhaust. They may be more expensive but, wont rob nearly as much power as the WR exhaust.

I have a DB Dawg but that is not forestry legal.

A WR exhaust on ebay is $65, and takes 10 minutes to bolt up if you go slow and have a beer while doing it.

A promotobillet insert is $129 plus tools that I would need to do the job.

I'm not going to use it that often, so I'm going with the WR pipe. I was just wondering how much rejetting it required, if any.

if I lived close I would come over and swap you lol I am looking for a YZF exhaust for my WR.

You can remove the baffles in the WR (leaving the spark arrestor) and get it to nearly YZ performance. At least to the point where it shouldn't change jetting. Check out the free mods on www.thumperfaq.com

not on mine....all welded no rivets or screws. I think Canadian versions were different.

I put the yz exhaust on my wr, let my tell you that the stock wr exhaust is very restricted. But you I'm guessing that the WR pipe you are looking at is not per say stock anymore, it probably has the interior baffle removed which helps open the exhaust up a little bit while still retaining the SA.

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