OK for messing around on the mini track?

dont bother

No way - don't buy it!

you would be throwing your money away! If you don't like your money you could send it to me!

God no way.....:confused:

I've got three of those and race them on a regular basis. Quality is top notch, the aftermarket upgrade list is a mile long and BigBoys coustomer service can't be beat. I say go for it!:confused:

Lets see the pictures....:confused:

Make them action pics :confused:

dontdo it man lol.. save your buks and get a real pit bike.. now im not gonna just say one good brand cause ill get al chewed up on this thread thing but here it goes..pitster,ogm,thumpstar and ehh pit pro..id go with either the ogm or pitster thou decide for yourself:ride:

i didnt wanna spend over 1000 on a bike. id rather just buy an old xr70 or somehting to mess around on the mini track.

xjr 90 - they are a lot of fun.

ssr 110 just over 600.00 bucks chain saw's are for cutting down trees not running in to them:)



Go with a SSR. You can get a 125 or a 110 for under $800.


im not buying it. i decided to get a new air compressor and some boots. Its birthday money, i gotta blow it on something haha

If you are talking about riding on a track, any kind of track you will need to spend a grand or you will get hurt. I don't care if you go fast or slow, I don't care if you get laughed, I am concerned that you will get HURT.

Not to mention lose your investment. Why spend $300 to buy a bag of manure? Save your money for a while longer and buy a bike that will not fall apart the first time you push it just a little harder over that little jump and plant you on your face.

It "May" be something to think about......:excuseme:

If you remove the engine & build a homemade leaf blower with it,then put pedals/cranks on that thing & give it to somebody you really dislike so they can play dirt bike rider.:confused:

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