Nice old '86 KX125-good for hybrid project????

Hi All,

Found a nice old KX125 locally,I'm tempted to repower it with a 200/220 or 250. However,I'm concerned about a KX this old so far as parts for it

down the road....

Would it be smarter to pass on it and snag a later model for a repower?

Price is $600

Sam in IN

I bought a 2000 KX250 for $700. Someone else bought a 98 KX250 for $450.

Keep looking. That's way too much for a 22 year old bike. The suspension alone will kill your budget.

Im not sure about this, but I think those early year KXs shared the same frame as the 250 and 500. It might have been the 88-89 KXs. I seem to remember reading a test where they complained about the big feeling it had because of the sharing of the frame. I would pass on it, the KDXs of that era were aircooled and the first w/c 200 came out in 89. Im not sure how much the 2 (86 125 and 89 up 200) engines shared in their basic design.

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