Lady's wearing the Fox F3 boots info

Hey I just got a pair of Fox F3 boots. I got a pretty good deal on them and figured they would be better than my trackers. I am finding that they are stiffer than anything I have had on my feet before. I would like to break them in faster so I can wear them today.

Are any of you ladies wearing these boots??? There are no returns so I cant return them. I noticed yesterday for the brief 15 minutes I had them on that I can barely shift in them, unlike my trackers where I just flick my toe and I shift.

Wear them as often as possible--around the house, etc. I don't have Fox boots after two bad experiences, but a stiff boot is what you want because they are more protective (usually). They will break in, and you will also get used to them being stiffer.

take a shower with them on and then wear them around when they are wet.

i knwo jumping in them and puttin WD-40 on boots helps.. it loosens them more then anything. or jsut ride around the yard or neighborhood with them.

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