xr80/100 plastic compatibility years?

can someone break down the plastic fit by years? like 85-9?,etc. i have some stupid ideas in my head. thanks alot.

XR80 plastics are the same as 100. 1985-2000 bikes have the same style plastics and will interchange.

1985-1986(XR80/100)- All orange

1986-1990(XR80/100)- Some white, Some orange

1991-1999(XR80/100)- All white

2000(XR80/100)- Red w/ white sideplates

Now 2001 to 2008 XR/CRF bikes are different and plastics will only interchange with those years.

thanks alot!

2001-2003 is different than 2004 - present. Even the tank is different.

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