'06 vs '08 250sx...worth the additonal cost

New guy looking for your views on the 250sx models

I am going to start MXing again when I get back fro Iraq.

(I am looking at both the 300 xc and 250sx, but would like to narrow it down to the 250sx for now)

On KTM Talk i did a price search and got some pretty good reponses (SOME REAL GOOD) back from dealers on the 08 250SX.

But i also got a good one (i think) on a used '06.

Some my question is; since I will be basically be "starting over", will the '06 work just fine (be racing in the over 40 VET class) or should I go ahead and go with the '08?

In other words; is the 08 3 grand (+/-) better than the 06 for getting back in the game?

If the 06 is in stellar condition, then I would go with that. If not, I would go with a new 08. The new KTM's are so light, and have the new WP suspension, and if you get it revalved, its supposed be great. I have an 05 250sx right now that I ended up dumping a ton of money to get it the way I want it, spent 2800 on the bike, and porbably have about 2k into it. Should have bought a new bike looking back on it. Oh well, I have learned alot from completely tearing it down, and rebuilding it.

try to find a left over 07 if you can. It is basically an 08.

Thanks for the heads up Guys.

I will look at tring to find an 07, as well as looking at the '06.

But, there are some pretty good deals coming in now on the '08s.

BTW: What would be a good price for an 07? Given anyone has any leftovers.

Man, this could be hard!

lots of good changes came in 07 for the SX bikes. used 07's should be available for anywhere from high $3K's to low, mid $4K's. I really liked my 250SX and would go back to one because their pricing is better than the off road models.

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