problems shifting my 05RM125

I sent my 05 RM125 motor out to ProCircirt for head and cylinder modifications. When the motor came back I immediately noticed I hade a problem shifting. The shift lever felt like it was welded in place when I was trying to up shift power. When I’m riding under less condition (less RPM's) the bike will shift fine through all gears. I have changed the clutches several times, inspected the pawls, changed to a Hinson basket, increase spring rate, and tried several oil weights, all unsuccessful. I can’t believe I'm the only one experiencing this problem. I seem to believe this has something to do with the change in the motor since it was fine prior to the modifications. Any suggestions???

try running the shift lever one notch down- its a common problem, if the leve isnt positioned right, something binds up on the frame (the nut or something) slightly during shifting.

Thanks for the advice, sounds Logical however nothing seems to be even close to binding also it shifts fine under regular riding. Out of place shifter would occur all the time. Only occurs when riding in the power ban and once in the power ban, the RPM’s need to decrease significantly before I can shift.

On my 03 if the shift lever is up too high(one notch from stock)the lever actually comes in contact with the case. I moved mine up one notch for comfort and went for a ride and had trouble upshifting from 1st to 2nd gear, it seems to get "stuck" in N, once in 2nd it would go through to 6th fine. When I got back to the garage I looked and the lever just wasnt able to travel up enough to make the shift properly, I moved it back down a notch and it works fine.

Thanks 03RM125 however bruc372 alerted me to that problem which was checked and all normal. The shifter is in the stock position and has plenty of motion shifting through the gears under normal conditions. I’m thinking the increase in talk, power, and RPM’s from the Pro Circuit motor causes the gears or something else to bind under hard acceleration. For example pulling 2nd gear starts out of the gate is no problem, the problem is getting it into 3rd. I have to let the RPM’s decrease before it will shift. If anyone has experienced this or has an idea what would cause this please give me a shout.

Any news on your bike? Split the cases and inspect the trans yet?

Have not yet split the cases however just replaced the pawls (even though they seemed fine) re-torque the center nut that attaches the hub and basket (possible problem) just waiting on the new clutches to test. If none of this works splitting the cases for inspection will be next. However I still believe the engine has something to due with this binding. It’s crazy that no one has had this problem. Won’t give up.

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