Trail tech vapor odometer question

I have an 05 SM and am interested in the Vapor for the tach function. But I was wondering about the odometer. If I have several thousand miles on the bike, and install a Vapor, can I manually set the odometer on it to match the actual mileage? And more importantly, if I were to go back to the stock speedo unit and sell the bike after several thousand mile of Vapor use, I'm assuming there is no way to show an accurate odometer reading on the stock unit? In today's legal world when an accurate odometer reading is such an issue when buying/selling, I'm just wondering if removing the stock odo is going to cause headaches when it comes time to sell.

This same issue is what is holding me back. I was considering trying to tuck the stock speedo somewhere or just mounting the vapor on top so I have a accurate mileage reading if I try to sell it. Don't have an SM so looks are not as important to me.

Yes, you can enter the mileage from your original odometer into the Vapor. Just give Trail Tech a call, and they will tell you the process (sequence of button pushes) to get this taken care of.


what lonester said- :confused:

well that information just made my decision a bit easier.

*adding Vapor to mile-long list of future mods

But I'm assuming if for some reason you have to go back to the stock unit, there is no way to show an accurate odometer reading on the bike anymore.

I don't think you can change the odo on the stocker if that is what you are saying.

not unless you've got a pretty fast power drill

Or a big hammer.



Actually the stump of tree hit exactly right (or wrong in this case) on a seemingly insignificant fall over.

But I like the vapor better anyway.


Hopefully these pics are new to some of you, sorry to those who have seen them too many times. Spring is here new pics coming soon, but hopefully not of more damage.

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