E-base gasket mod

I want to do the e-base gasket mod, but im wondering how hard is it to get the cylinder off. can I keep the head and cams all intact and just slide the whole cylinder up. If so how do you take of the timming chain to lift the cylinder up? or does it have enogh slack once you remove the tensioner?

no,you take apart the whole top end.

its the same amount of work to do a 94mm big bore only the base gasket is a pretty small gain.

Make sure you have a set of new rings, they really should be replaced if you take the piston out of the cylinder. That or you can remove the piston from the rod and leave it in the cylinder, of course then you should probably replace the circlip that holds the piston to the rod.

Most don't do just the base gasket, they either are going big bore or at least replacing worn out rings.

For the amount of work this mod is and for what you get doing it, its not worth it. Wait until you have a part for something else, then replace the base gasket.

If you have time on your hands and no money for other mods I say go for it because A little gain is better than nothing exspecially if you have the time. I really doesn't take that much time compared to doing head gaskets on a car.


Took me give or take 4 hours and half case of my favorite bevarage (Dr Pepper) and I think it was worth the effort!! Good luck with it if you do.

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