2003 CRF450F water pump

Hey guys, Im not too familiar with the Hondas, Im a KTM guy, but I found a MINT 2003 CRF450, and Im buying it for my 14 year old son. A freind owns it, and after sitting all winter, it now drips water out of the little hole on the bottom of the water pump. Is it just a little seal, or o-ring in there you have to replace. This bike is very very low hour. Original tires, chain and sprokets, all hardly even worn. The plastic is even shiny still, and its CHEAP. So, just curious if anyone has had that happen. --Bob

Its a simple fix. Yes it is a seal. They are like 5 bucks at the dealer.

EDIT: After reading this at work I got to thinking about it and I needed to change mine out. So when I got home I started working and it took me a total of about 45 minutes to do from beginning to end. you need a new gasket for the inner case and the new seal.

Hi, Ive done this on an 06, along with the balancer shaft. I have written step by step instructions on how I did it, if you want me to email you a copy (they are in a word doc) just let me have your email address.


A 450 for a 14 year old? Are you trying to send him to an early grave? lol.

The seal is a real simple fix. While your at it though I would replace the the trany side seal on the water pump shaft at the same time. Same with the right crankcase gasket. If you replace all three, all the seals will be fresh and you wont have to worry about any leaks for a while. I think all it cost is about 20 bucks for both seals and the gasket.

Ive seen a replacement water pump spool with 2 holes drilled into the body to take pressure off the seals, not sure if we can just go ahead and start drilling 2 holes in ours or not though.

Has anyone else heard of this?

14 year old on a CRF, you must not want the kid anymore.

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