Countershaft Sprocket mod

Just getting on board with posting images. Here's my cut-out mod on this plastic cover. Also, notice the MSR extended shift lever.

After taking the cover off, drill out slots at the ends with a bit slightly smaller than the slot width. Use a Dremel with a cut-off wheel to cut out plastic. Then clean up with Dremel and/or a file. You will need to paint since grey color on plastic will be removed from cutting. See brand and color of spray paint in photo.


I likey,wish I thought of that.

Great for a SM or even an S that doesn't see any mud. If you ride in muddy conditions that cover should be tossed all together, otherwise mud will pack in behind it which is not good on the seal.

I went the route of the Zeta aluminum sprocket guard. Keeps stuff out of it without packing mud. Looks blingin' too.

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