MX in Peekskills NY area??

Looking for any MX in the NY area. Moving to Peekskills NY or Lower CT. Only found 1 place online for MX that close to NY NY

help.....cant live without moto!!

booooooo, thats what i figured....nada/zip

hey...found one

Island MX

anyone been there?

Your in the wrong forum but there are some tracks in the immediate area. Here is a practice schedule and link to some tracks.

Walden and Ace OP dates

Here is a list of the OP dates from Walden, Ace and Diamondback. There is also Mototown in Ct which is indoors. Also check out the Northeast forum

From the Walden web site:

Apr 05 - Sat

Apr 23 - Wed

May 10 - Sat

May 24 - Sat

Jun 07 - Sat

Jun 21 - Sat

Jun 28 - Sat

Jly 19 - Sat

Aug 02 - Sat

Aug 09 - Sat

Aug 27 - Wed

Sep 06 - Sat

Sep 20 - Sat

Oct 25 - Sat

Oct 31 - Fri

From the Ace site:

Saturday, March 22nd (Easter Saturday)

Wednesday, April 30th

Wednesday, June 25th

Wednesday, July 2nd

Wednesday, July 23rd

Wednesday, July 30th

Wednesday, August 27th

Wednesday, Oct 1st

Wednesday, Oct 15th

From the Diamondback site:

March 26 (Wed)

April 9 (Wed)

April 23 (Wed)

May 21 (Wed)

June 11 (Wed)

Sept 3 (Wed)

Sept 24 (Wed)

Oct 8 (Wed)

island motocross in yaphank LI

club mx in bohemia LI

and also i heard of a new one opening up in calverton LI..

Is peekskill on Long Island? I googled it and it shows it up around exit 17 on the thruway, thats where the tracks are that I listed.

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