Hard to start XR

Hello I just bought a 98 XR250R! I have issues with this bike! Or it has issues with me :confused: I have read thread after thread on starting problems. Nothing seams to work for me put new OEM plug,cleaned air filter,fuel on, and gas in tank still want start

Full choke no throttle kick to comp.stroke full hard Threw stroke.Nothing happens have tried full choke & half throttle and some time it will fire.It usually takes pull starting. after it warms up first kick and runs well

plenty of power. My guess it runs to well to have major problems. Is this jetting are just cold natured:confused:

please Help!

Turn up idle screw . Choke full on, throttle wide open, kick several times. Throttle off, push kickstarter about half way through compression, raise kickstarter to top, kick. Should start.

Starting fluid...

If the above doesn't work make sure your valves are in spec. If it requires a pull start and then runs well that might be a sign of out of adjustment.

I went to ride yesterday and it started on the first kick. I was surprised as hell. Hasn't happened again no matter how hard I try.

you will laugh at this, but when I want to start my XR-400 in the middle of a michigan winter, bike is stored in my non heated garage. I take my wifes hair blower and set it on high heating the area aound the carb/head for about ten minutes. Did it today after the bike sat for a few months. This works like a charm every time. In the former days I had to play with starting fluid. Only problem is I always leave the hair blower in the garage pissign the wife off when she gets out of the shower, as happened today.

Turning up the idle screw and kicking like a mad-man works for me. But I have got it down pretty good now. Isn't that hard to start anymore.

Once the kick starter gets to where it stops,push it down just a little more,than go all the way back up,and kick it through,this has ALWAYS worked on my XR250,on my 600,you just kick it over untill the compression lever clicks,then kick it through,and it lites up,but it was set up by XRs only,so its always ran great.

I turn my idle screw about 5 twists. If it's really cold (that's around 38 degrees since I live in SoCal), then I do 3 quick throttle twists to get it primed. It starts on the 1st or 2nd kick virtually everytime. When I first got my XR400 I thought it was a nightmare because of the same issues you're having -- throttle screw trick does wonders!

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