Hybrid 125/220 swingarm question

ebeck, art5, others,

Last night I had a closer look at the KX125 swingarm with a machinist friend to discuss the work needed for it to fit the 220 engine. In the diagrams posted by ebeck it looks like the bearings sit to the outer edge of the swingarm, on mine they are in the inner portion. Is relocation the bearings to the outboard side part of the work that needs to be done? Am I missing something here? If we went ahead and cut the inside edges of the swingarm right now we'd go right through the bearings and seals.



01' KX125 undergoing heart transplant from 00' KDX220 donor.

Sounds like whoever installed the bearings just pushed them in until they bottomed out. They are supposed to sit flush with the outermost lip. Strip all bearings/seals from the swingarm, machine it per Ebeck's instructions, and then install all new parts.

Cool, thanks.

I was looking at the Kawasaki parts diagrams this morning trying to figure out what was going on here but it wasn't too clear. I just want to be sure of what needs to go where before I cut anything.

bearings are on the outside (frame side) if it is a 99+ bike. Never seen pre 99 but I bet they are too. Between the motor and the bearings is dead space and non load bearing.

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