ticking noise at cold startup

my 08 crf450r has 5 hours exactly on it and sometimes when I start it it'll tick for a split second and then run fine at idle. Sometimes it'll tick and rev low and shutoff. I'm thinking its just that its cold and the decompression mechanism thats making the noise. Once it's at idle theres no noise at all.

I have a 2008 CRF450 and it does the same thing. I still have no idea why it is doing that but as soon as I give it a little gas it goes away....only does it when cold/first starting.

bike has only 2 hrs on it so far and runs awesome

If you plan on trail riding at all, i recommend replacing the rear chain guide because mine bent as well as the brackets welded on my swingarm. This ended up causing my front sprocket to throw my chain into my left crankcase cover which cracked it so dont end up like me who had to spend money before my first payment

my o8 does the same thing too. Only on cold start though.

Anyone know what it is?

i'm guessing the decompression lever is sticking open because the revs are low when you first start it

My '08 and '04 did the same thing, I think your right about the decompression theory. I wouldn't worry about it.

Yep mine does the same thing (08) I start it first thing and while getting stretched or dressed it will konk out and right when it does that I hear a loud knocking/ticking noise in the engine.. Then I start it rev it a little and its gone must be something with the decom

Yes, It's the decompression thingy, glad to see you went with the red bike finally, I don't think you'll regret anything Hoss! Now if I only had the RG3 Diamond kit!



Moe I can get you a good deal on Rg3 stuff let me know.. There suspension rocks I just sent mine out yesterday..Im not getting the diamond kit its too much bling, I got there smart valves in the forks Linkage in the rear ,revalved everything springs ect.. The bling is sweet but no performance gains so I got all performance stuff should be real nice.. Ya see Donny Tillery got one of Vices CRF;s all decked out with two rides on it.. Lucky guy!

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