450 EXC Lower Oil Screen Bolt Stripped Out..

Ok, so I've heard this is a common problem apparently..the (8 or 10mm?)allen key lower oil screen bolt is stripped out on my '04..

I'm ordering a replacement hex head bolt from BrapOffroad.com

BUT, I just wanted to post and see how you guys recommend getting out the old bolt..A mechanic friend of mine said he usually trys hammering a socket star-key into the allen-key hole and seeing if that will work first, but ya..Any suggestions??


I work in a machine shop and we use an item called "sock-it-out. that will fix your problem. available at most hardware places or check out this link.

good luck and dont curse too much while getting it out:mad:


little heat and rest as said above

Nice. That looks like just what I was need!

same thing happend to my sx and i did exactly what they said little heat and an easy out socket type and it came right out

I tack welded a smaller bolt into the sockect and used a wrench on the bolt to get mine out.

Had the same problem and ended up going to snap-on's web site and ordering a straight extractor kit. You can go there and search part# E1020. This kit was highly recommended to me by a couple people who ride. It's a little pricey but I used it and it worked great. I have tried cheaper extractors and stripped the splined on them. This seems to be very good quality. I just about passed out from sheer joy when the damned thing actually came out. I too bought the aftermarket bolt, Slavens in my case, and a little anti-seize on the threads and am looking forward to my next oil change just so I can remove it easily. :confused:

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