Stock electrical components dead but dual sport kit still works fine??

I've got an '04 450 EXC with a Trick Dual Sport kit and about 6k miles on her. I've been riding through the winter, snow and salt. I was at a stop light after a 15 min ride to work and I stalled the bike. It wasn't in neutral, oops. When I went to press the starter button it was dead. It didn't do a thing, no pops or anything, just dead. Then on the way home the stock computer started dimming and blinking on and off until now its finally dead too. My dual sport components however, still work fine. So it must be a seperate issue.

I check the wire coming down from the starter button and the connecter was a bit corroded. So I tore apart the connector and rigged it back together. Tried the little red button and NADA. Still dead. Any similar issues and anything out of the obvious before I start trying to track down the culprit?? :confused:

Try Checking The Fuse Under Air Filter Side Cover Up High By Seat Dosent Sound Like It But??

Yep, first thing I checked! haha forgot to mention!

I noticed my grip heaters aren't working now either, I'm gonna tear off the tank and see whats up with these wires..

check your battery connections too

the weird part is the "separate issues" ds kit and stock components- you know how its wired better than someone without that kit- hard to help.

check you battery voltage to see if its getting drained or not. If you can start it check the running voltage at the battery too.

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