My story and my bike.

This is kind of long but maybe some can relate. Maybe some will learn something, but more likely some will point out anything that I did wrong! Thumper talk has been a great resource in all of this and maybe this will help some others out.

I grew up riding dirt bikes, we lived in the country in Idaho, and we could ride them anywhere. Everyone had one and we had a lot of fun. Now I live in a city in Kansas and I haven’t had a bike for about 14 years. I have 5 boys and the oldest is now 17. I always felt like I was depriving them of a real childhood. I finally found a place to ride that was close enough and bought an XR100 for the kids last spring. Well it was all down hill from there. I ended up buying 7 bikes in 2007, I still have 6. Who knows how much I have spent on parts, gear, trailer, etc. I am still in the process of building a new trailer that will haul 5 bikes.

Of course the kids all got bikes before I did. All I needed was a bike to follow the kids around, but I want to have some fun too! I looked for a long time and ended up buying 2005 CRF250R that was set up for trail riding. I wanted a bike that was as light as I could get and I really didn’t want the extra weight of the electric starter. After one ride I knew it was a mistake. I thought I could change the front sprocket from a 13T to a 12T but when I went to change it, it was already a 12T. It had plenty of top end but no low end. I tried lugging it and it died and I almost went over the handle bars. First gear was way too tall the others were way too close with 5th ending up too short.

I started looking at a CRF230F but then the really good deals came up on the surplus 2006 CRF250X’s so I snagged one for $3749 OTD. At that price is about the same as new 230! I went through the 250R and just sold it last night. I had to buy the 250X fast because they were going so fast. There are still some out there but they are more now. So I ended up buying it in the middle of December (merry Christmas to me). :confused: The winter isn’t good for riding but I figured there was a lot to do to get it ready for spring. As long as I had it all done by spring I was happy.

I took it all apart because I like to make sure everything is lubed up and set up the way I like it. I also like to put clear silicone on all the threads. I found out a long time ago how good that works. It prevents galling, rusting and vibrating off but unlike loctite, you can get it apart when you need to. I use anti-seize on things like the threads on the brakes and exhausts.

The following is a list of some of the things I have done to it so far. Thanks to Rick Ramsey and his great web site for most of this;

• Removed the stock odometer, cable and drive. Replaced the drive with a spacer. Added a Vapor computer and all associated wiring.

• Removed the stock handle bars and replaced with Pro Taper bars (from the 250R).

• Added Cycra pro bend hand guards with CRFX side triple clamp mounts.

• I added Flatland skid plate and Rooster radiator guards.

• I adjusted the shifter and rear brake lever where I like them and ground the teeth off the inside of the brake lever.

• I bought a uni filter but didn’t like it so for now I am sticking to the stock air cleaner. I cut out the top of the air box.

• I drilled out the diffuser in the end of the muffler.

• I replaced the stock 40 pilot jet with a 42. I replaced the stock 130 main jet with a 155. I moved the needle from #3 to #4 slot. I added the O-ring to the AP linkage. I added my own custom made T-handle to the stock fuel screw. I replace the bowl screws with stainless socket head cap screws.

• I removed the return throttle cable, the hot start cable and the clutch switch. I replaced the clutch lever and perch with an MSR AOF set. I also added a K&S head light switch which also includes a kill button.

• I checked the valve clearances and they were all spot on.

• I put on a 13T front sprocket, made a new case saver and took off the stock guard.

• I set the sag at 100mm.

• I put slime in the tires.

I plan on breaking it in by following this:

Then after riding for 2-3 hours, going home and changing the oil.

I plan on running Honda GN4 oil in both ends for at least a little while. I am thinking about synthetic or semi-synthetic on the motor side later.

If you go here you can look at pictures of what I have been doing:

You can make comments on any of the pictures there.

I have been busy and it took longer than I thought, but I think I am ready to ride it now. Yes, all of this and I haven’t even ridden it yet!

I did fire it up last night and rode it up and down the street for a minute.

I am planning on riding it for the first time for real tomorrow. :excuseme:

It is very different than my 1983 XR500!

right on, I grew up in eastern oregon, same deal, every day after school we would all meet up and ride in an old abandoned mill yard, some of us had to sneak through part of town and avoid the police, it was always a cat and mouse game, after 15 years of no dirt bike the bug bit me again, xr250,drz400, and now the 250x, i ride with my son, and friends, you are never to old to get bike on the dirt bike, just be warned you probably wont bounce like you used to!

the bike looks very nice what exactly did you do to the clutch and ignition covers, they look good.

It is roll on bed liner material. I bought it for my trailer and have been coating all kinds of things with it. Great stuff. I bought it at red neck trailer supply but I think it is available at auto parts stores also.

It was $60 for a gallon. At the auto parts stores it was about $90 a gallon.

I just roughed up the area I was going to coat with sand paper and then wiped it down with alcohol. It was applied with a 4" roller and a foam brush. I just free handed it with no masking. I put about 5 coats on it. We will see how it holds up but I can touch it up once a year if needed.

I decided to do the skid plate after reading lots of ideas of how to quiet the aluminum skid plates down. I was just going to stuff a piece of closed cell foam in there. I already had the foam. Then I read that somebody glued a piece of neoprene from an old wet suit on the inside and that worked good. I thought that a coating of a rubber like material would work good also.

I am going to have to try that because my covers are all worn and dont look so good.

Sounds great but a 13/53 combo did i hear that right I am going oon you using the stock rear?.........She will have loads of bottom may only run 45 -50 on the rev limiter but really sounds great...Brent

Real nice, You did a wonderfil job, and very clean fabricating.

Hey, how is that rubberized coating holding up?

If you go here you can look at pictures of what I have been doing:

Your garage looks a lot like mine - looks like you spent more though! Is that TWO CRFs I see? You greedy pig! :thumbsup:.

I really like the black coatings on the covers and frame. Looks cool on the bash plate too, through I can tell you the bash plate coating wouldn't last a ride in my parts - lotsa rocks.

You need a 2-stroke now. I got a leftover CR125 for $3k two weeks after I got my CRF leftover - so get to the store!!


"Hey, how is that rubberized coating holding up?"

So far so good, but I haven't ridden it much yet. Hopefully again this weekend.

"Your garage looks a lot like mine - looks like you spent more though! Is that TWO CRFs I see? You greedy pig!"

If you read the long story I bought the R and didn't like it. Then I bought the X. The R is now sold. I bought all the kids bikes used for good deals. The most I paid was $1100 for the XR100.

"I really like the black coatings on the covers and frame. Looks cool on the bash plate too, through I can tell you the bash plate coating wouldn't last a ride in my parts - lotsa rocks."

I was going to only coat the inside but... You should have seen it before I straighted it and painted it. It came off the R. I don't do rocks much anymore, I am getting to old. I figure I would just put a coat of black paint on it once a year.

"You need a 2-stroke now. I got a leftover CR125 for $3k two weeks after I got my CRF leftover - so get to the store!!"

If you look at my new signature, I sold the R and bought a YZ250. It had less the 2 hours on it and looked new and it came with extras, all for $2000. I have one lucky 15 year old son.

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