Fuel Screw/jetting

Hey guys, I'm having a heck of a time getting my wifes drz 125 jetted correctly. I'm wondering if any of you can offer any advice. We ride from sea level to 3,000ft at the most. I cut the airbox out, installed the procycle jet kit with a 107.5 main jet, 20 pilot jet, needle on the bottom clip, and fuel screw 2 turns out. Two questions:

1. The bike takes FOREVER to warm up....Should I try a 22 pilot jet?

2. Is there a trick or tool to adjusting the fuel screw without taking th carb all the way off?

Not sure about the warm up time issue... we have 20 pilot at 200 ft above sea level and the bike warms up fine...no mods - perhaps a 22.5 would work by adding that extra fuel - otherwise it's leaner due to the airbox mod.

The carb can be adjusted by loosening up both of the clamps and taking a thin blade short shaft standard... you can only rotate it a short distance as the throttle and fuel hoses are still attached, but it helps get the screw driver in. Problem is trying to adjust it while idleing - I've not had much luck with my method (air leaks from loose clamps).


On my 07 at sea level I ran the 20 pilot with the 105 main with the Yamaha needle clip in the top position. This was with the stock air box and stock pipe. I know this is apples and oranges but it may just help.

Thank you....My problem also has been I can't adjust the fuel screw why the bike in running. It's hard to get the bike fully warm, shut it down, take the carb almost all the way off to adjust the fuel screw, put it back on, start it...on and on...I wish someone would make an extended aftermarket fuel screw for these bikes.

Since my post I adjusted the fuel screw to about 2 1/2 turns out and adjusted the needle to the middle clip rather than the bottom clip. It looks like the middle clip on the procycle needle is about the same as the stock needle.

+1 on the extended aftermarket fuel screw...tired of burnin my damn fingers:foul:

+1 on the extended aftermarket fuel screw...tired of burnin my damn fingers:foul:

ha ha ha....I hear that!

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