Tires vs. new wheels dilemna... least a dilemna as I make it. Considering getting SM wheels for the S but also considering two sets of tires for the S instead. I ride off road maybe 4-5 months out of the year here in CO (Denver is home) and spend a lot of time on the street year round. I wanted to maintain some street performance while also getting better off road performance for the times I am off road. Thinking about the SM wheels for late Sept. thru April then S wheels with better-than-death Wings for off road the other months. Not up for the 2k+ cost of the wheels and changes needed, and I do already enjoy the mountain twisties with the S as is a lot so...2 sets of tires intead? M6006 or the like for Spring and Summer with Trail Wings (or even more road oriented tire) for the other 7-8 months. Opinions? Thanks.

I have 2 sets of wheels for my S. One set with IRC GP110's for commuting and paved roads and another set off an E with non Maxxis DOT knobs. I put the knobs on for dirt rides and camping trips etc. It is not the best set up but I bought an E parts bike for cheap. I have sold most of the parts off it and now the second wheel set was almost free. I would love to have some SM wheels but don't want to spend the $.

In your case it might make sense to get a second set of wheels as well. The E/S wheels are much cheaper than SM. Changing tires is a PITA and unless you are doing it yourself the cost to change tires will add up. I considered getting Maxxis 6006 tire to do it all well. Unfortunately, with any 50/50 tire you are compromising. The IRC GP110 is very similar to the 6006. It got them cheap on fleabay as take offs and like them so far.

Ya know, as soon as I posted this I thought about getting another set of S/E wheels as a way to swap out tires via the timeline I mentioned, but even as an easier way to change whenever I want to. That may be a good alternative as I really don't feel the need for a supermoto bike and having the right tires when I need them makes all the diff. I will start the search this weekend. Thanks.

I have two sets of S wheels, one with the original DW's and another with knobbies. I have 44T on the DW rear and 47T on the knobbies. Makes an easy gear change for the different requirements. I use the DW's for general riding plus some forest service roads, knobbies when riding trails in the woods. It was a bit expensive but I can change over quickly which I like.

I used tires as an exscuse to get teh wheels. Teh Pilots will last a lot longer and be a lot safeer than the best Knobbie (and mor fun) and I was able to get a sweet deal on real Knobbies (not compromise 50/50 or 80/20) for dirt.

You might want to look for a used set of SM wheels. Yes, a little bit more money. But your bike will be a whole new animal on the street. You will see a large improvement in street handling. Much more value for your dollar then the cheaper route.

TJ. Thanks for the offer but I have not the $ for wheel purchase right now, though I did not indicate that when I said I would "start the search". I will likely look for some wheels in the next 3-4 months when I can come up with an excuse to do so with the wife. I guess I won't rule out the possibility of SM wheels but I won't hold my breath on a good "deal" for those. Gracias.

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