CRF50 Tire Mounting

Just bought some new Michelin Starcross for my sons stock crf. What is the trick to mounting these tires and removing the old ones. What tools will I need? Thanks:eek:

Some tire irons a warm shop an a lot of patients. Problly wount hurt to have a spare tube. I did the same tires last summer on my daughters bike an they really grab. when I ride it you can drag the peg's without slideing out.

make sure the tires are nice and warm, soapy water for the bead and a muzzle for your mouth to keep your family from hearing the foul language that will be pouring out! oh and dont forget the baby powder in the tire.

They're a tough nut to crack. Luckily my tire guy is one of my best friends. When I buy tires from him he changes them for me. I try to give him a couple extra bucks or bring a six-pack with me.

if you can change a pedal bike tire you can change a 50 tire. they are easy no problems. if yo use too much lube be sure to wait for them to completely dry or you will have tire spin and rip off your valve stem.

I got tired of pinching the damn tubes, gave up and now have the dealer install. I know, I'm a pansy ass, but I have little patience as it is and those little tires are stiff!

I got tired of pinching the damn tubes, gave up and now have the dealer install. I know, I'm a pansy ass, but I have little patience as it is and those little tires are stiff!

Ah man I know what your talking about. Everytime I change one of them damn things I pop atleast one tube! :prof:

when putting the new tire on i found it easiest to put the tube in the tire first and pump it up just enough for the tube to take shape. then fish your valve stem thru the hole in the rim, screw the nut or valve cap on to keep it from pulling back thru, then start ironing the tire on. flip it over and iron the other side, done deal, piece of cake. having air in the tube while ironing them on practically eliminates pinching it. the tube forces itself away from the tool instead of getting pinched under it. i've changed many 10 inch tires over the years, haven't pinched one yet, and since i started intalling the way i described above theres been alot less :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

50 tires are the biggest bitch to mount and dismount...haha, maybe i just suck at it!!!!


I'm a doctor, not a mechanic, and I got two tires mounted 3.00x10". Took me about 45 minutes each. I bought tire irons but they were not delivered yet, so I just used a flat head screwdriver. The key to success was inflating the tube a little bit so it is not floppy and gets popped when stuck between the rim and the screwdriver. Thank you Fiveho for the tip! Next time will be easier when I use the tire irons.

Tried to do the tire on my other CRF50 with my new 8" tire irons. I couldn't get it on and eventually popped the tube. I then tried the old 12" flat head screwdriver and it was much easier and it did not pop the tube. If you are going to buy tire irons, 8" is not nearly long enough. For me, the long flat head screwdriver works every time and has not popped a tube. I make sure not to poke it very far beyond the edge of the rim and I always blow up the tube so it is stiff enough to keep itself from getting caught between the rim and the screw driver. ps. I love my super aggressive innova 3.00" x 10" tires from ebay. Even I (150lbs) can ride it in hard pack with some sand without problems.

I have changed a lot of tires. Usually gets stressful (im not very patient, get impatient and lose any detail orientation I had) so I have found the best tool to use is a $20 and the dealer. It isn't that I can't, just find that it is well worth my $20 to not get stressed, pop tubes, and know I will get a tire that if I have problems with, I can go back and get it fixed.


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