Oh my, I think that I am screwed.. literally on my TE610

the hex head screw that attaches the rear side panel and apparently bolts into the frame just spins. oddly, the one on the other side also does the same. does husky use anything that doesn't strip while just sitting there?

on page 84 of the parts manual, http://www.husqvarnausa.com/PartsPDFs/2006/2006_TE_SM610_PARTS_V2.pdf, the screw is #11, not sure what type of insert they have in the frame for it to screw into, as I can't get it off. AHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH!

oh, yeah, it is on 07, less than a year old. seriously re-thinking the TXC510 if stuff is just going to rot away and strip like stuff on this bike.

Same thing happened to me on my smr 510 on the same bolt. I called Halls and they shiped me the crush nut that goes in the subframe I think it was $2.00.

How in the heck did you get the bolt out? did you have to grind off the head?

Same Exact thing happened to me the week I bought the bike (07 TE510).:confused:

I dont remember exactly what I did, as it was a while ago.. but im pretty sure I was able to get some needle nose pliers between the plastic and the frame to hold the insert while I turned the bolt.

Funny thing is I still haven't exactly "fixed" it, I just put a little normal strength loctite in there and only take that panel off when its completely necessary (almost never), oh and of course I know now to make sure not to tighten the bolt too much on either side:crazy: .

It sounds as if the "captive" nut in the subframe is indeed spinning.

whenI bought my 125 used ,I had big problems getting one panel off ,

I basically used a screwdriver as a "wedge" between the panel and the subframe to "pull" the head of the nut tight into the subframe , As I undid the bolt- keeping the tension of leverage until the panel was off.

I have a tool (like a pop-rivet gun) to re-tighten the nuts - they are steel nuts in Al.Al. frames so overtightening will turn the nut in the Al. subframe.

the other side was WORSE..!!

I ended up using a Impact driver ( hand-held ,hit with mallett..)

it was the last resort before wrenching the panel off the subframe.

Give yourdelf a little time ,and You'll get it off I'm sure.


you can re-tighten them? so If I can get the bolt out, I should be good?


a bodyman will be able to fix it for you, we use them all the time. once the bolt is out (see above) thread a STRONG bolt into the insert with a strong nut already screwed onto it. then tighten that strong nut down while holding the STRONG bolt in place. the harder you turn, the tighter the insert will get. just make it tight enough to hold firm. back off the nut, remove bolt and test. you are only crushing the insert and it will only go so far. or, have your bike riding bodyman buddy help you.


I do have one of those, but boy is he high maint. I will give your suggestion a try. thanks for the idea!


aluminum is not the same as steel, most bolts on the bike require less then 4 foot pounds, thats nothing, get a good inch pound torque wrench and stop stripping helicoils.

After reading the inserting the bolt with the nut way of fixing it. I fixed mine and it is like new again. Thanks for the fix.

aluminum is not the same as steel, most bolts on the bike require less then 4 foot pounds, thats nothing, get a good inch pound torque wrench and stop stripping helicoils.

it arrived yesterday, 0-20ft/in/nm snap-on.

this is still a problem today... ,


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