Tubeless tire

Hey I took my PE175 into a dealership not to long ago go get a new back tire put on well it stayed aired up for a couple of months and it started going flat again, I took it off this morning and broke the seal for some reason there isnt a tube and I looked up on the net and theres supposed to be a tube. Should i try to seal it with out the tube since it was working or should I put a tube back in it? Also shouldnt the dealership known that it was supposed have have a tube and said something to me?

Also I just looked but on the side of the tire it says that its a TUBE tire but still the dealership says nothing to me and just puts the tire on with out the tube....

Stinkin' dealers. If the tire is made for a tube it needs one. Get a couple of tire irons and change your own tires. It's easy and you can guarantee the work.

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