TRS does Baja

Just got back from an epic 4 day trip to Baja with 4 fellow riders from TRS out of Tucson. We met Breauxman at Veronica's on the first day and he lead us on some great single track to start the first day. It ended up being the kickoff to a great ride. Below is a ride report Todd posted on our club forum.

Nice to meet you Breauxman and thanks again for the warmup ride :confused:

Day 1:

Friday leave TUC at 0900 drive to Rancho Santa Veronica (RSV). Eat diner, close down the bar.

Day 2:

Up early riding by 0800, 21 mile loop of local single track lead by Beuaxman (sp). Load up head for Mike's by way of Laguna Hanson. Lunch at a little Resturante, they had gas, by Laguna Hanson. Down out of the Mountains, Laguna Hanson is in the pines, into the the valley just north of Valle de Trinidad. A bunch of back roads and the 500 course jump on Highway for gas and hightail it for Valle de Trinidad. Pavement pound from VdT to the Mike's turnoff. Up the mountain to Mike's. 175+ miles, 25 of which was pavement. Shower, drink beer, eat dinner, close down the bar.

Day 3:

Wake up to 8" of snow, eat breakfast, post the TRS sticker, load up and head out by 10ish. Ride the backway, over the pass, out of Mike's, approx. 15 miles or so in the snow. Once out of the snow line, muddy conditions, incredible views, grassy rolling mountains with incredible wild flowers, views for miles. Jump on the pavement to San Vincent, Gas up, find some single track in town that takes us down to the beach, ride 15 miles of beach to San Quitin, Kermit navigates us to Old Mill. Short day approx. 130 miles, approx. 20 of pavement. Eat dinner at Don Eddie's, watcdh the sunset on the deck over the bay, close down the bar.

Day 4:

Wake up around 0700, change air filters, check over bikes, lube chains. Skip breakfast, as we have a 250 mile day ahead of us. Ride back to the beach, but the tide is in and there is no sand just rocks, riding is difficult so we bailout after about 1 mile. Pavement pound to Camalu, get gas. ride back to the coast, ride 125 miles along the Pacific Ocean and some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Fish tacos for a buck and gas out of milk jugs along the way. This brings us to Santo Tomas. Getting low on daylight so we decide to pavement pound to Escenada (sp), then over to Ojo Negros. Once in Ojos Negros, gas up and then jump back on dirt roads back up the mountains to RSV. Gets dark and we ride about 1.5 hours in the dark, but make it by 7:30 to RSV and the truck. RSV is closed, but the security gaurd is nice enough to open up 3 rooms for us, but the resuarante is closed. Luckily the market across the street is open. We buy a case of beer, bag of chips, salsa, goat cheese and the owner was nice enough to sell us some homemade frozen tamales, he even heated them up in his microwave. Beers, chips and tamales in the hotel lobby (the lobby, if you haven't been to RSV is in Habitat 1 and is 15'x12'), most of us start falling asleep on the couches, so it was to bed by 10:00. approx. 300 miles, 60 of which is pavement.

Day 5: Load up, breakfast at RSV, drive home.

I left out a lot, that is very basic recap. But the highlights were: RSV single track, Snow riding and beach riding in the same day, and the trip back up the pacific coast for 125 miles. Finishing a 300 mile day in the dark, 5 guys all riding within 2 feet of each other to share headlights was pretty epic.

601.1 miles, no complainers, no problems, the most diverse riding I've ever experienced, incredible views, and there is definately a mystic to Baja. I am bitten, I'll be back at least once a year for the rest of my life. In fact, I'm going to skip Idaho City this year so I can do Baja again in October.

One more thing, Baja is very relaxing, friendly people, who are not in any hurry. After a day or 2 it wears off on you. It was really good to get down there and get some good perspective on life.

Again, words and even photos can't do it justice.

You guys are super friendly and obviously that reflected well in Baja...also great riders and humble about that, too. Glad you guys did it right (altough I had a feeling you were gonna want to split the last part-San Quintin to RSV-into two parts)

Please post some photos...and or links to photo slideshows


Don't forget to join racers and ranchers

"Preserving Baja's Off Road Legacay"

I was with the group in Sto. Tomas (me, my buddy, his son, and my son) on Monday. I think it was your group we ran into.

We staged in Erendira and talked to the guy on the KTM in Sto. Tomas on our way down in the truck and then when we showed up a few hours later on our bikes (the rest of you guys apparently took the long way via Puerto Sto. Tomas and got there a few minutes after us.). Your friend gave us the play by play of the ride and the snow. Seemed like a real epic ride.

Anyway, I had wondered what time you made it to RSV. It was pretty late when you got out of Sto. Tomas.

Wow! Sounds like a epic trip. Good times.

That was us. Nice meeting you guys. We ended up getting back to RSV around 8 ish I think? About an hour of riding after sunset. We are already planning our next trip down. Maybe head over to San Felipe this time. Def caught the Baja bug.

Great little taco stand in Erendira down by the beach. Red trailer next to the general store. :confused:

Some GREAT photos...

And what a treat... seeing Mike's in the snow, and riding down the mtn in it... good times for sure. Hopefully it wasn't icy, that makes for a real treat when the ground hardens up and becomes super slippery!

Your pictures are all so familiar. Great ride! :confused:

awsome ride...:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

Great pics, Mex is so beautiful when its that green!

thanks for sharing

awsome ride...:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

Nick, take some time off work your working to hard! Lets go play in Mex.:ride: :ride:

That was a fun report guys, made you feel like we were part of the daily ride. I've seen snow on Hwy 3 before in mid March, but never Mikes in person. What a treat!:thumbsup::confused::ride::thumbsup: Steny

What a great time ya'll must have had! The pics are awesome!

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