650R Jetting Questions/bog issue

Just got a 650R and love it, but it does a very specific thing that annoys me. When I goose it as fast as my wrist will turn it bogs/stalls. This will happen from idle or from any throttle position to any throttle position (What I'm saying is it only maters how fast I turn it not from where to where). Sitting or riding. It seems to have plenty of power and accelerates awesome as long as I'm smooth with my wrist. It does start a little hard cold and the idle increases once it gets warm. It also backfires when under engine decel.

The Bike as far as I know: Uncorked, Big Gun exhaust/high flow header. Side panel not cut out. 185 Main, 68S pilot, B53E needle 3rd from top, Screw 1 3/4 out. Spark plug is nice and brown on tip but black and wet on the threads.

Now get this: I live in Denver at 6000' (I've been testing it at about 55 degrees lately). Every chart that I've read makes me wonder how the bike is even running with these rich jets, but if it weren't for this throttle jerk-bog thing, I would think the bike is running great.

I've moved the needle up and down one notch with no improvement. Should I start stepping down the jets to see what happens?

the main jet is way to rich.needs to be more like 155.

does the idle react to the fuel screw?

Yep, In more and the idle drops. It seems to reach max idle at about 2 to 2-1/4 out (that's 1/2 out from where its at now). Still does the bog thing with the screw at 2-1/4.

those carbs have no accelerator pump.so no matter the jetting if you twist the throttle fast enough they will bog.

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