Really mellowing a 450

Hi, I'm riding in wintertimes a lot in places where traction is really poor and in current tune -05 450 has all too much power and torque to stick to the ground. Currently bike has 02 piston (11.5:1) and cam and + 9oz flywheel. Those helps a bit but torque should be reduced still especially from the low rpms. Any expecience mellowing more, eg. would there be even mellower cams, pistons and eg. pipes?

A Q fmf muffler will help some.

Gear it up, sleeve it down to a 400.

i put a flywheel on my 07 and it really mellowed it......sounds meatier.........starts easier........power smoooooth

That is a genius idea...

I have one on my WR450 and it makes riding in slick snotty mud a lot easier.




that's works too"genlll".....the pro model not so much though

ill trade you my XR400 for your CRF. it is alot mellower. :confused:

If you are making semi permanent mods to mellow your 450, why not just get a bike with less power?

The reason is that the class where I race is a 450 class. In wintertimes here is ice and that is very slippery when its hard. On the other hand when it is at near zero degree (celsius), it becomes much stickier and then the power is really needed to be on top ranks. So, quick solutions are best and weather forecast for the race weekend determines what kind of power delivery has to be setup couple of days earlier.

I now also remember that I tried 37mm carb. That helped a little as well but difference was not that big. Surprisingly. Another tested thing is bigger SJ. eg. 48 or 50.

I have also RHC 187 cam. I have used it with 13.5 JE piston only, but have never tested with 11.5. Maybe that is also one setup worth to test. Another was suggested throttle cam.. any other ideas?

The only way to really get control of the power is the flywheel weight,vortex ignition and the g2 throttle cam.I tried alot of things on my crf450 and I think these are the best. Throttle control/riding a gear high is the cheapest.

I have used a TRX450R cam in a CRF to mellow it out. They can be found quite cheap on e-bay.

Make an insert for the exhaust that is only about 3/4's of an inch in diameter.

That'll kill the power something fierce, not to mention make it way quieter.

Hello were can you get a 400 sleeve and piston for the crf

Another vote for the G2 throttle cam. I am running them on both my bikes.

If you want the ULTIMATE in control then:

You can special order a 700 cam (when you buy it they come with 400,200, and 100 cams) which will really slow down your cable pull and deliver the power a LOT SMOOTHER. ** The 700 does not come with the cam though. You need to order it seperately.

I put a 700 CAM on my wifes CRF150R to help her get used to the power delivery. She is now using the 400 as her skills progress and is thinking of moving to the 200 soon.

A $100 investment that is HIGHLY ENDORSED by everybody who uses one. Try it and see if you like it :thumbsup:

i like using 4 wheeles in low traction muddey conditions, i just think its funner.

Make an insert for the exhaust that is only about 3/4's of an inch in diameter.

Agreed this is probably the best way. Maybe a supertrapp or something would allow you to find the perfect tune for your needs.

Or you could just throw on a Dr. D pipe.:thumbsup:

I'd just like to say i've used the G2 throttle cams and I can't stand them. Just so you know that everyone doesn't endorse them :thumbsup:

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