Cold 250X

I have a 2004 CRF250X, i can bump start it and it works well after that, but the kick start and e start are useless right now. Its real cold and it hasnt been started in a while so maybe thats it. Im gonna check the valve clearances today and run it for awhile to warm it up. Hopefully that will do it. Any suggestions?



when it is cold turn the choke and fuel on and blip the throttle a few times than crank it without giving it any throttle if it does not start than give it a few more blips and crank it again without any throttle and it should start than. that is what works every time for me but if the valve clearances are off it will defenently be hard to start.

When mine is real cold it takes four twists on the throttle othereise she bangs off on two strokes.......gotta love an accel pump.......Brent

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