pit bike flat track in PA

any one who lives near stroudsburg or easton would you be interested in doing flat track at borgers the owner called me today and is intrested in having pit bikes but if no one is going to come well :excuseme:

the race would have a pay out and be a year end trophy event

it would be a good way to practice for supermoto and a lot of fun :confused:


ether let me know on here or pm me I would like to see this happen more places to ride are always a good thing:applause:



Dayum, how cool is that? And a great way to get into flat track racing on the cheap, and also a good stepping stone to move up to the big bikes. offroadcycle I give you a lot of props for organizing all these events I've been drooling over. Just wish I lived closer, until wintertime that is.

thanks hpiguy I just wish I would get more responses like your for the local guys I don't make money on these events I just know a lot of people in racing locally and think the pit bike guys need more places to race :sweden:

I'm thinking out side the box of mx. pit bikes are great for all ages but not every one likes doubles and triples on a 10" or 12" wheel.

with the price of a jap bike now and how far the china bikes(china bikes rule) have come I think it's time we give people new ways to use them :excuseme:

I just feel like I'm :confused: when no one replies to a thread like this I know minis are still growing on the east cost and a lot of guys have them in this area.

the track owner is even lowering the price for the pit bike guys its usually 30.00 per class and 15.00 for a pit pass he is waving the pit pass and paying back to the riders with a year end trophy how cool is that :excuseme:

well sorry to go off like this hpiguy summer is coming maybe we will see you at 2up or maybe you can make it to one close to us:smirk:



PA LOCALE RIDERS WHAT DO YOU THINK???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????




Yeah, I'd love to make to to a big event at some point. My biggest problem is seat time. There's just nowhere local for me to really ride my dirt fifty other than trails. I give you a lot of props for taking your personal time to organize events like this, and promote them. I find it hard to believe there weren't more responses to this thread also, flat track always looked cool to me. And it also looks like a great teacher for throttle and brake control. And I totally agree that the 10" bikes are sketchy, but that's all part of it. I was really squirrely at first, but with mods to the bike and seat time it gets better....and besides isn't that part of the appeal also, stuffing a big motor in a tiny bike and see if you ride it or it rides you? I just wish I lived somewhere that had a good mini scene going on, you'd have to beat me out of the place at the end of the day. Anything cool is at least a two hour drive for me :confused:

thats what I love about minis MODS

friends don't let friends ride stock


thanks hpiguy

You're welcome Mike. If you can get enough people to make the event happen, I'd love to see some pictures if you get time to take them. Good luck with it and have a blast either way.

I have been talking to the guys that use our shop and mark at AHP my neighbor:) and it is looking go so far I need about 15 riders and we are close.

If it happens there will be pics for shore

and I'll post again on the wheres and wens of how to get involved

so you'll know when to watch for the pic's hpiguy


Too bad I live on the wrong side of the state. Sounds like it would be fun.

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