Best tall seat

My 125 YZ will need a taller than the stocker seat is. Is the SDG best or any other options? A integrated pocket for a timing card would be awesome.

Lots of mixed reviews on the SDG foam. Mine has shrunk somehow. So there's a 1" gap at the front and .5" gap at the back. Also, the foam breaks down and gets powdery. I have yet to hear any negative reviews of the Guts Racing seats. Try them.

I agree with the SDG - it's junk. I've had 3 and they sack out rapidly. I just received my Guts tall hard foam. It's a brick, hopefully it stays that way.

I've had my guts tall hard foam for a while now too. Still as good as new.

Guts Racing seats are great. Get the medium foam, its still very hard. That is what they suggested to me. Look into some tusk bar risers too. Best $20 you will ever spend. Gives you alot more control standing.

Is it possible to buy a complete seat with Guts foam and cover somewhere? If I understood correctly from Guts webpage, they do not sell complete seats and I would like to keep the stock seat intact

Get the GUTS foam and a STOMP seat cover =ultimate set-up:thumbsup:

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