KX 500 aeized Lower Rod Bearing?

My friends 1989 KX 500 seized. He was letting it warm up and then it just bogged out and died. It wouldnt even turn over at all the rest of that day. Later that week it started being able to turn over again. We took the cylinder off and the piston does look slightly scored, but it seems to me that the lower rod bearing has too much resistance? It is a little hard to turn and has absolutly no play side to side or up and down. Is this normal? I thought there was supposed to be alittle play. Would the rod bearing do this, look everything up then allow it to turn a couple days later?

Thanks for helping I searched but couldnt find anything


Sure a rod bearing can do exactly that. When you move it back and forth, it should be effortless, if any resistance is felt it's toast. If it will stand straight up by itself, it's definitely gone.

Since the cases have to be split to rebuild/replace the crank, be sure to do the mains and seals while you're in there. I would probably do the tranny bearings and seals too, and inspect the shift forks and gear sets, just to make sure I didn't have to open it back up for a long time.

Thanks for the help now we have to decide what to do with it


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