Convince me I made the right choice!!

Ok I just gave my local husky dealer my '04 KTM 250sx as a deposit on a new '08 TC 450. I'm a little concerned about parts availability and riding a 4 stroke. Not to mention they aren't even sure when the bike is going to arrive.

I'm getting it at Northern Colorado BMW/Ducati. They seemed like good guys and they are about 3 blocks from my house. Are you from CO?

It'll be sick, just wait.

I'm over 100 hrs on my 06'TC450. Mostly track & racing. So far I've HAD TO replaced NOTHING! Yes nothing. Even the spark plug is original. By choice I put new plastic & graffics and the suspension has been redone.

For a bike that has been beat so hard it's the most durable dirt bike I've ever owned.

Doh. I forgot, the kicker shaft was warrentied, F.O.C. :confused:


Yeah, I'm in southern Colo. Near Alamosa. That TC of yours is gonna tear up Berthoud. Did you check out that TXC 250 they have there? I love those red rims on that bike.

I didn't see it, but i'll look for it when I go to pick up the TC.

and newcastle_brown thanks for the response, that makes me feel very good about getting this beast.

I'm right there with NCB .... 05 TC450 with zero breakdowns.....Valves have had one very minor adjustment. I change my oil and clean my filter religiously and mainly track ride/race at Glen Helen, Milestone and Cahuilla..... 100+ hours

You will love it plus you'll get all the attention in the pits!

I need a new rear fender..... anyone got a yellow fender kicking around?

I could swap out to all new graphics and plastics but I'm saving my money for my restoration project... besides, I like the retro look!


You will love the bike I sold my 07 yz 450 to buy a 07 tc 510 I love it only one around and there is no better feeling than runnin good on something different. zi was concerned about parts but guess what they don't need any. Only thing I have broke is I chipped the front tip of the fender in a mud race. I am not easy on my stuff if not running a class moto, aa off road husky rocks. Have fun you will.:confused:

Thanks guys you have made me feel really good about the TC. Now it just needs to get here:banana:

you made the right choice,,,convinced, yet,,,,,wait till you ride her!!

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