Race tech springs

I keep reading that the RMZ250 needs heavier springs in just about every mag. I may be buying an 08 within the next couple of days. I contacted my local suspension tech and he said by the Race tech site they recommend ligter springs!? Does anyone have experience on Race tech? My friend used them for his sport bike and felt that the springs he ordered to the stock specks felt harder (but was very happy with the results)-could this be the reason they recommend a lighter spring? I weight 170 so I know the stock springs won't cut it if they say they bottom easily for a 150 pound rider. Any help would be appreciated. I am a fast Vet (ride Vet Expt) if this helps.

You're not the only one confused... I had my stock springs tested by Factory Connection and they rated both the fork and shock springs lighter than what Suzuki claims. That means if you buy aftermarket stuff with the same rating it will most likely be stiffer. Then to really confuse the issue when you get your suspension revalved it can in effect make the springs feel stiffer. I ran RaceTech for several years and it was a bargain because the valving would stiffen up the suspension where I did not have to buy springs. On the other hand, I never could get their stuff to work on repetitive bumps. After my FC suspension work I use the stock fork springs and 5.7 OEM rear (really a 5.6). Sounds odd but it is fairly well balanced...

i have race tech in my 07 i am a fast c rider do 80 foot tables etc....i have stock springs and race tech gold valves in my bike....stock spring rate..i weigh 165 without gear on and its perfect on the small stuff and takes the big hits too....no complaintsat all i think we have cl 10 and ch7 in the forks on my bike .......thats the valving stack #s

i think they talk rubbish sometimes, the rmz is soft on the top of the stroke but actually it doesnt bottom much at all, i am 165 and i have a lighter 5.1 rear spring on it, std fork springs, if you are doing sx type tracks it will need work but for normal mx the springs are ok, float the rear is not published as a 5.6-they say a 5.4 and most measure about 5.3?

We are using Race tech gold valves in our 07 Rmz250 with the stock springs and only valving changes. The rider is only 140lbs and the suspension is is soft for him. He is B rider and can bottom out on big jumps, nothing hard or jarring. Springs are to hold up rider weight so check the sag to determine the correct spring, the valving will do the rest.

Thanks for the info guys. It looks like I am going a different brand because of the lack of help from my local Suzuki dealers-Canadian and US:confused: :confused: . The info will help using Race Tech in the future. Enjoy your RMZs:thumbsup:

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