What parts for orion x3r 150 se

Anyone with an orion know what bike u buy parts for chinese or can you use other parts such as crf50 or klx110? thanks If i want an exhaust which one fits?:confused:

To everyone in Thumper Talk that is asking about the ORION brand of bikes. my name is Armen, I was the owner of CSP Motors and the sole importer of the Orion Brand bikes. Orion was my brand for the bikes that i was importing in to the US. Alot of companies bought my bikes and told everyone that they were the importer or the maker of the Orion brand bikes, I would like to inform and tell everyone that this is NOT true. The manufacturer that was makeing the bikes for me is Apollo, they have opened a warehouse in California located in Ontario. There was really no point of two companies distributing the same brand of bike, so I closed my doors and now Apollo is selling the bikes. If anyone is telling people that they are the person that imports the Orion brand and is the distributor of the bike, i would like to tell everyone again this is NOT true.

i will be watching this site more lately because i had been out of the country and now im back, so if anyone needs any info on my previous brand of the Orion bike, please let me know.

Thank you everyone for listening and understanding.

Armen H.


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