Help me find an old post/article


I remember reading a couple of months or maybe even a year ago about idle rpm on bikes like the ones we own. The guy writing the post/article was stating that the variable idle RPM that can happen has often in fact nothing to do with lean jetting but more with a poor voltage adjustment somewhere... I know I'm not being very precise but that's about what I remember... My thumper is in pieces at the moment and I would have liked to take care about that mis adjustment as I'm rebuilding. I've always had problems setting the idle rpm on my bike. Sometimes it will be very low so I would increase it using the idle screw as the bike revs. But then it increases too much so I have to tame it... seems like there is no "in between" and that article/post was talking about that type of problem... Anyone of you by any chance no what I'm talking about?


Kind of weird to reply to myself but I just found what I was looking for. The voltage that should be measured is the TPS output at different throttle openings.

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