07 KXF450 w\Big Gun Evo R system

I am running the Team Green Jetting specs with the Big Gun complete system. Just wondering if any one might be using something similar? Unless I run the fuel screw out really far the bike stumbles pretty bad when you crack the throttle and then it seems to be running rich. Do I need to try different jetting? Where to begin!

jmoto42, I would start by changing to a larger pilot jet and then going back to the original idle speed screw settings.

Just a guess.

Eddie will know.

this is how to set the pilot circuit.


you are covering up a lean ap with the fuel screw.

i would do the o-ring mod and report back.

I haven't done the o-ring mod yet but plan on giving it a try. But I did change out the pilot jet.

Stock pilot jet is 42 the next size is 45. I put it in and have the fuel screw 2 turns out. The throttle is very crisp now can't wait to get it on the track this weekend.

Thanks for the help.

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