White bro's XCR muffler

Anyone run the white brothers XCR pipe for their CRF250X. I was told its a good slip on muffler for the X? Supposed to give it a good all around hit, Not just top end like some of the others. Or is it a waste of time without the header? I don't want to take away all my bottom end hit. I'm looking for a good top to bottom addition to my bike. Let me know what ya guys think.

I totally recommend this pipe as a slip on to the stock header. Put one on my son's bike and it works really well.

my XCR rocks! Stock or aftermarket pipe.

I just put on my power bomb but it was a good upgrade with the stock header too.

I think mine's too loud

Did you have to jet the bike with the stock header? Gave the bike more hit bottom to top?

What slip on would you guys recommend to give me some hit from top to bottom? The XCR is around 250 bucks? What about the dr D slip on?

Did you have to jet the bike with the stock header? Gave the bike more hit bottom to top?

Uless the bike was jetted rich to begin with, as these bikes don't seem to be. You should probably rejet. In order to produce more power by installing a pipe, it must move more air, thus it needs more fuel to maintain a safe fuel air ratio.

IMO, any pipe that advertises slip on perfomance with stock jets is probably overestimating it's own worth and really just adding noise.

If adding the pipe does add potential airflow you will probably have to add air intake capacity to match, or you have only changed where the restriction is. Then rejetting is a smart move to maintain safe fuel air ratio.

Did the XCR pipe steal any bottom end power??????

Anyone else recommend the XCR slip-on muffler?

Did you just do the slip on? Did it give you hit from top to bottom as it claims? Did'nt steal any bottom grunt?

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