Broken Thumb

Went riding early today and ended up breaking my thumb. I had to ride home with it like this and i went to the hospital as soon as I got home. So I ended breaking my thumb into about twelve pieces. What the doctor did was straighten it out and wrap it up real good, then put my arm in a sling. I have an appointment for surgery this tuesday morning. Anyways, what I am really concerned with is, how long will I be down and out from riding for?

I broke mine the 2nd week of December just shattered the bones in the end and it still hurts but I started riding about a month ago. My doc said there was nothing he could do it will just time to heal but probably will never be the same. :confused::excuseme:

Post the X-rays

Ive been trying to get to a scanner all weekend. Sorry for this delay.

take a picture of the X-ray with your digital camera.

Here they are.





Had surgery today, doctor said everything went perfect.

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