Tire Pressure

I’m running Dunlop D742f front & 756 back. I usually fill to 17-18 psi.

What is the correct tire pressure? What do you run?

What is the range of pressure you can run?

Last do all tires use the same psi?

It all depends on the tires, but i normally run 10-12 psi depending on track conditions.

Man....17-18 seems a little on the high side to me. I ride in the woods & 9-12 depending on the terrain & conditions has worked great for me for the past 20+ years. :confused:

I usually put a pound or two more in the front. You can always take air out easily on the trail, putting some in 25 miles from the truck is the hard part.

I run 10-12 in sand/mud and 13-15 on hardpack depending on the track conditions. I would never go over 15.

Depends on your Terrain?

You riding on the Street? Higher PSI (I dont ride street.. no clue)

Rocky Terrain? Above Average PSI (12 - 15 PSI)

Sandy Terrain? Below Average PSI (8 - 12psi)

Your running a really high pressure. I run around 13.

Thanks for all the input guys.

Your running a really high pressure. I run around 13.

+1. I usually run 12.5 in the back and 13.5 in the front

~12 psi front and back.

12.738 on the front, sometimes 12.739--- Always 13.122 on the rear :excuseme::confused:

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