Once again pe175 ignition troubles

hey im still having trouble with my ignition i bought a new coil and a hotter plug but still no go the wire still has to be about 1/4 of an in. away from the plug cant figure out why ive checked all the wire connections and eletrical parts everything checks out good but still wont fire with cap or wire touching

I've owned a few of these a while back and they all had failed stator plate windings. The CDI and top coil never fail its always the stator because as you can imagine years of moisture tends to kill them. Get them re wound and it will run like a champ!

wheres a place i could get that done? and how much do u think it would cost

test it with a meter first. is it a single pole or three pole stator?

You need to do a search in Yahoo. They've got a users group there that totally dedicated to Suzuki PE's. Join that group and post your question. Heck, you might even find someone from that group that's in your area that you can personally call. In any case, they know their stuff and there's even guys that post items for sale ~ instead of going the eBay route.

Give it a try, you've got nothing to loose.

Also consider sending Dwight Rudder a personal message (here on TT). He's an ISDT Gold Medal winner from that era :prof: , and he did it a couple times riding for Suzuki. I'm sure that he could send a few pointers your way.

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