Breather Disconnected!

I realized that I failed to reconnect my breather tube to the cylinder head cover that routes to the airbox. I rode 15 minutes of moto in normal, non-muddy, non dusty conditions spring conditions (hopefully this betters my chances of not damaging the bike) then crashed which caused oil to spit out which is how I came to notice this. It does still have plenty of oil in the top end, but Am I screwed here? Any suggestions????

You're probably fine. The breather always blows out to displace the slight blowby that occurs in even the tightest engines.

Just to be sure, treat her to an oil and filter change, give it a normal ride, then change it again.

You got lucky, oversights CAN cost you big. Pay attention! J/K lol.

dust is bad for valve seats, but you probably didn't suck too much dust through that breather tube into the intake runner, if the conditions were as you described.

I did this early on with my '06. I have never noticed any ill effects.

Bike is still running strong. (Knock on wood).

It ran fine up until I parked it (so I can assume it still runs well at this point). I will treat it to an oil change though as suggested and try not to make any more major oversights!!!

The other part is I was upset because it HURT and I broke a BRAND NEW helmet. However, if I hadn't crashed, I wouldn't have noticed it for God knows how long. So lucky bad luck (unless it is damaged - that would be awful luck- in which case I'm going to seriously consider getting into golf or bowling or something to that effect!!!).

it didnt hurt anything...the breather on the head will always have air coming out of it like someone else mentioned and I think the other end of the breather hose ties into the airbox before the filter so if any air was sucked in it would go through the filter before entering your engine...ride on bro

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