Cylinder Repair!

After taking my engine completely out of my bike yesterday i took off the top of the motor. What i noticed was that there was a small crack on the top of the cylinder head near the smallest o ring. I took it to the KTM dealer to find out that my engine is most likely pulling in coolant and i obviously have to get it fixed. They gave me the names of a couple companies to do it and its going to be about two hundred bucks which is still a far cry from the 621.49 that a brand new cylinder would be. Anyone else had this happen? Suggestions?

o btw the bikes a 2000 250 exc


How long till you buy a newer bike?

Just asking, if the bike wasn't running bad and you weren't loosing coolant or getting exhaust into your radiator - your crack may only be cosmetic.

Prob not till im in my twentys lol im 17 so i dont have the money for a new bike. The mechanic said it was most likely pulling in coolant because the top of the piston wasnt black it had areas where it looked "washed off" and the bike wasnt running right (lack of bottom end, screamed on top) and now it will only run with the choke on. I know it needs to be re jetted but i think its prob more than that based on what the mechanic was saying and how its running

So a blemish was found and you and the mech are blaming stuff on that. Well you really won't know until you fix it and run it - it could be many other things. You weren't loosing coolant right???

Well, Here's my suggestion, and take it for what it's worth -

If other things were out of spec, I'd put it back together and run it. (provided you weren't loosing coolant, and you couldn't smell coolant from the exhaust) And jet it correctly. If it is still a problem, then fix it. If not you may get a few more years out of it.

Your mechanic's explanation of the piston top sounds like a story of 'it's better to be safe than sorry'.

If you are getting a bunch of coolant in there you could rust up the crank bearings - You weren't loosing coolant were you???? Does the crack extend into the water jacket? Work some high temp silicone in the crack prior to installation.

But if you have 200 -250 bucks, then fix it.

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