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99' Suzuki 300 w/ Mikuni... almost there but still popping

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Well I got this older 99' Suzuki King Quad 300 (quad... yes, I ride quads :confused:), it has a Mikuni carb. When I got the quad it had water in the carb/air box/chamber so I got the water out, took apart the carb, cleaned it. cleaned all the jets, cleaned the filter... The quad wouldn't idle at first, only in choke, so then with some messing around I got it to idle without the choke. Then it wouldn't accelerate, after some adjusting, it started to accelerate.

NOW, the quad accelerated and I can drive it around but if you hit the throttle there is a bit of delay, bogs down a little bit and then goes. And if there is to much load on the engine it bogs down as well. Also, if the quad is in neutral and I rev it to full throttle the carb makes popping noises. I have tried the fuel screw, cleaned all the jets, and I don't think I need to change any because the jetting and the whole quad is stock. Would changing the spark plug help any? Well if you guys can, please help. :excuseme:

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