bike bogs

i have a 2003 klx300. the bike starts normal but when i give it throttle it will sometimes bog down then start to rev up, other times it will bog down and die. Could it be that it is low on oil pressure, or needs an oil change. any information would be good as to my bikes problems. i bought the bike used so i do not know if the previous owner did anything to it the carb. it used to run fine. i took it for a ride and nothing was wrong. then the next time i tried to ride it this happened.

gotta be more than an oil change brudda.

Its probably sepending on what type of carburator that you have. i am pretty shure it is stock. if it is then your jetting is probably wrong. Have you changed your jetting before? If you have it would really helpfull if we knew what jets sizes that you have in your carburator. but to get back to your question you bike is running to rich meaning that your carb is squirting to much fuel into the combustion chamber. or the other side could be to lean meaning the oposite, you are getting to much air. hope this helps and there will be alot more members that know just a litle bit more, so that they can explain better. ggod luck.

do basic service- clean air filter- ck boots that hold carb on. Uses two hose clamps, make sure they are tight. Make sure choke is not sticking on- does it idle ok?

disconnect fuel like from carb, make sure nice clean gas comes out, catch in glass.

if you have the skill remove the drain on the bottom of the carb, catch it and see fit junk comes out.

when problems come and go it could be dirt in the carb or tank that is causing the problem.

good luck

Sounds like a plugged pilot jet.

inspect your plug for signs of a rich or lean condition.

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