Hot '07 TE450 Cutting Out. Cat?

Been riding with a faster friend last couple days here on my place. When I ride alone I'll trail or mess around on my 'MX' dirt piles for 15 minutes then run up and down the lane a couple times to cool my girl down.

Friend rides a new KTM 530 somethingorother and likes to hit it pretty hard. I kept up with him pretty well but after a few rounds (45 minutes) my bike seemed to lean out quite a bit and wanted to flame out on some tight corners.

I don't down-shift as much as some and tend to lug the bike a tad through tight turns. Never bothered it before. Chugs right through and then catches up within fifty feet or so.

But we got her hotter than she's ever been I think. Is it because I still have the stock cans with catalytic converters in em? Certainly could not find any problems with the fuel system. Bike idled fine. I keep the idle up around 1600 for my 'tractoring' lazy style or carving turns.

Run premium gas only. No jet mods but all the smog crap never left the shop. Accelerator pump is active. No throttle stop. Radiator was not even adding back to the reservoir. After 3 or 4 miles of cooling out on the lane bike goes back to normal behavior.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Really hoping for some insight on this.


Check your gas cap gasket, have seen up inside the 2 small holes where it was punched out the rubber being still their, think they called it a hanging chad on a voting card couple years ago down in Florida. Also the one way valve could be helping to create a vacuum in the tank just get rid of it. Later George

Thanks George. Will do. Threw away the one way valve long time ago. Will check for hanging chads.

I pulled the can off today. There ain't to cat in there. DUH!

Nice spark arrestor though. :confused:

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