Im new and need some help!!

Hello everyone :confused:

Im new, im from Manchester in the UK and ive recently bought my self a KTM 200sx for my first mx bike! I love it!

I was looking at getting a new exhaust for it becuase I dropped it and my standard exhaust is now a bit worse for wear!

Ive narrowed it down to a KTM Fatty front pipe becuase I want something that will rev and not just all low down grunt, although I do alot of recreational riding in bogs and woods and hill climbs, as well as a little bit of track riding!

Im having trouble deciding on a silencer though, I cant decide between the Powercore II or the Powercore II Shorty?? I want something that rev's well but also has good low down and mid range, ive heard that the shorty can destroy all the top end. Would a FMF Fatty with Powercore II be ok? How would it compare to the standard exhaust low down and at the top end?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I appriciate the help!

Thanks, Sam :excuseme:

For the 200 I have heard the shorty is a good choice. I guess its all about where you want the power hits.

I am sure one of the guys that has a 200 will be able to answer your questions much better due to personal experience.

And Welcome to ThumperTalk and the KTM 2-Stroke forum. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see (additions/subtractions/new ideas, etc)

Ok thanks alot mate!

What im really looking for is something that won't make the bottom end any worse, so if it kept the same bottom end as now or even better and made the mid to high rpm range a little better that would be perfect!

I seem to stay in gears for a long time so don't want something that has no top end grunt, but I don't want to loose any bottom end!

Something that was like standard or a little better at the bottom but then a bit more powerful after that would be perfect!

Its a 2004 200sx by the way! Sorry for my newbie questions :confused:

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