oil change questions

I have a 2005 wr250f and I was wondering how often I should change the oil. I want to go by hours instead of number of rides. So I don’t over or under change my oil. Do you guys recommend the stainless steel oil filter. The kind of riding I do is all woods and I might start racing this summer.THANKS ALOT

IMO you can't over change your oil. I do all my bikes after every other good ride (maby 3-5 hours each ride) some guys change every season and others some times once a year lol. The stainless filter would pay for it self after a few oil changes.

the paper filters are the best because you throw the crap thats filtered where crap belongs, in the garbage.... the stainless people think is good because you dont have to buy filters again, they are bad because from what ive heard from factory yamaha reps, they dont filter as well as a paper type, they retain more debris than you can ever possibly remove with any type of soaking/cleaner - so they never really come clean, and when dirty, restrict oil flow - so in my opinion they are junk - Name one professional team using them, and if they are, i bet they get new ones for every ride because no professional team would take a chance on something like that.....

besides that the oil should be changed every 3-5 hours of good hard riding, some people go 5-10 hours, but i keep it tighter than that.... try to find a good spot for you in that range where it wont kill your wallet, just make sure the oil isnt like disgustingly black when you change so that you know you didnt wait too long to change it, and with the oil filter changed every other oil change....

metal filters are garbage in my opinion and i will never buy one... you will never get every bit of crap out of it... so your putting a dirty filter in every time, and it gets dirtier and dirtier as time goes by.... just my opinion though some people swear by them.....

what if you run a full synthetic oil? can you go longer without a change?

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