trailtech vapor or endurance?

I want to get a trip computer for my yz450. I've seen posts about these two anyone have a different one or one of these which ones better, any pics of mounting setup. Thanks for the input.

Are you gonna do any roll chart navigating(dual sport/enduros)? If the answer is YES then buy the VECTOR so you can count the ODO up or down to stay on the mileage of your roll chart.

I chose the Vapor. I get the impression it's a little more durable and I figure if your gonna put one on might as well go with all the features now rather than wishing you had them later.

I choose the vapor as well.

watchdog 2000

I am a big fan of the Endurance, but it's a lot smaller, and battery power only. It is very easy to adjust the mileage, or reset it. One thing I really like, it has a "bike one" and "bike two" feature, and at a two day dualsport, I switch to bike 2 Sunday, and have both days without clearing everything.

I have the endurance, then got a GPS. Now I never use the endurance, and an entry level GPS is about the same price.

I put a vapor on my bike, and especially like the engine/water temp. feature. I think the endurance is the older model. Check out my garage to see how I mounted it. Also, Trailtech's service is Excellent.

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