Blue Beast Booties

Hi, I'm Helen, Mrs Blue Beast.

I have a question in regards to the booties inside Tech 8 boots. Does any one know how to stop them drying hard and crusty after washing them? (I have tried fabric softener and it doesn't seem to make any difference). Steve tells me that they shrink and its hard to get his feet in them. Thanks for your help. Helen. :)

yamaha.dude a fellow auzzie says to soak em in Fosters after you wash them By Crackie. :D

He has High regards for Fosters :)

Go directly to the source.

Give Alpine Stars a phone call or send an e-mail. They have been getting positive reports for customer service here on TT.

Please post the answer you get. My Tech 8 booties have the same issue too. fosters...... Australia's biggest joke on the rest of the world! its funny, no-one i know here drinks Fosters. If you get it where you are Coopers, pale ale, sparkling and thomas Coopers exports are the locals choice here. Try 'em if you can get 'em. oh and anything from Tasmania will be really good too.



Thanks for your information guys, the beer idea is certainly interesting, and I will get onto Alpine Star and see what they have to say and report back soon.

Ego, I think you are misquoting me... :)

I said to wash your bike in Bundaberg Rum... now as for tech 8 booties, I have replaced them with genuine crocodile gizzards, a light coat of lard on them and they soften right up... :D :D

I can't think of a use for Fosters, except to help our balance of payments debt to the rest of the world... it is not an effective engine degreaser, it won't make your skin softer, it has no pheromone power to attract the opposite sex, and as a drink it is rather awful... It might help unblock drains, not sure... :D


Thanks for the clarification, I knew you used fosters for something, was not sure.

We here in the states (Well The Goofs in So Calif at least) drink it, and talk with some stupid attempt to sound auzzie.

The girls in So Cal dont know the diff, they fall for a anyone who can blow flame farts down there.

I drank a fosters once, I quit drinking altogether after that, and started huffing :)

Oh ya and BTW

We only watch the Croc Hunter becouse we all wait in anticipation to see him get his arm ripped off by a croc by crackie :D

Plus his wife is just as goofy she is transplanted from Oregon, land of brain dead greenie misfits.


It's like motorsport - ask most people, and they tell you they are there to see the crashes... We all hope Steve Irwin will be taken by the croc as well, by crikey...

Good to see you guys are putting Fosters to good use, keep working on those Aussie accents... maybe you need some genuine pickup lines to help you out...

The Australian idea of foreplay... "Hey Sheila, are you awake?" :):D


The other trick to sounding authentic is to shorten annyone's name if possible, and add an 'o' on the end...

For example:

John becomes Johnno

Steve becomes Stevo

Carmichael becames Carmo

Simpson becomes Simmo

Brian becomes Briano

Doug becomes Dougo... etc etc

And always refer to anyone, male or female, as your 'mate' - it's great if you have had too many to drink and can't remember someones name... but never use "mateo" that will give the game away that you are an imposter... LOL


in northern Calif foreplay is based on the following


Hey you ready yet

after a long delay


For What

man Agin:

Yaaa knooooowwwwww

Gal Again:

Know What

Man Again:

Ya knoooooowwwww that thingy

Gal again:

What Are You Talking About:

Man One last time:

Screw It Im going riding :D

Gal OK :)

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